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Musical Memories


Today, October 20, 2014, members of the CS department, WPI faculty, administrators, staff and students, as well as his family and friends, gathered for a musical commemoration of Matt Ward in the great hall of Higgins house on the campus.

Well before his death, Matt had requested a musical event after his funeral, and had invited several people to sing and play hand-picked songs and tunes that he loved. Dan Dougherty, Glynis Hamel, George Heineman and Rob Lindeman represented the department musically, and they joined together with Franc Lemire and Sam Politz. The presented musical arrangements came from a variety of artists, including Bob Dylan, James Taylor and Simon & Garfunkel. We were also treated to a slideshow of photographs from various periods in Matt's life. It was a nostalgic event that was both sad and fun, bitter and sweet.

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