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Department ofComputer Science

9th Annual WPI High School Programming Competition

The WPI Computer Science department hosted the ninth annual High School Programming contest on an snowy day at the end of a nearly interminable winter in Worcester, Massachusetts. A total of 136 students forming forty-six teams from twenty-three school districts registered for the event. The teams primarily came from school districts from central Massachusetts, although some teams made the trip to WPI from Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Montpelier Vermont.

Full details on the contest can be found at the contest web site.

The four-hour contest was held in four computing laboratories on campus (two in Kaven Hall, one in Salisbury Hall, and one in Fuller Laboratories) and the judging "Command Center" was in KH 116 where team advisors watched the contest unfold in real time as each student submission was judged by the contest judge. Each student team had a single computer on which to work, and so they had to manage their time (and typing ability!) efficiently to be able to place well in the contest. The problems tested the programming ability of the students in different areas, such as number theory, combinatoric problems, dice rolls and music theory. The contest was supported by an on-line submission system that allowed all participants to view the ongoing results of the competition in real-time. The problem set contained 10 problems of varying levels of difficulty, and students had to manage their time carefully as well as the number of their submissions; each failed submission received a small time penalty applicable towards the team score.

Problems Solved Score Team
10 (GOLD trophy winner) 33712 Westborough High School
10 (SILVER trophy winner) 49498 Phillips Academy Andover
10 (BRONZE trophy winner) 53350 Westford Academy
10 74206 Phillips Exeter Academy
9 65062 Framingham High School
8 49676 Phillips Exeter Academy
8 51528 Advanced Math and Science Academy
8 53719 Tantasqua Regional High School
7 52834 Westford Academy
7 58465 Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
7 62495 Winchester High School
7 62646 Wayland High School
7 68052 Phillips Academy Andover
6 47353 Mass Academy
6 50740 Nashoba Regional High School
6 57598 Winchester High School
6 58448 Milford High School
6 58731 Advanced Math and Science Academy
6 59729 Wayland High School
5 26246 Algonquin Regional High
5 41828 Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
5 42026 Greater Hartford Aacdemy of Math and Science
5 56560 Needham High School
4 34211 Framingham High School
4 39085 Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
4 39228 Needham High School
3 17697 U-32 High School
3 19534 Marlborough High School
3 21199 U-32 High School
3 21409 Algonquin Regional High
3 25577 Wellesley High School
3 27034 Wellesley High School
3 27531 Doherty Memorial High
3 34031 Pioneer Charter School of Science
2 17790 Westborough High School
2 27460 Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
1 1144 Worcester Technical High School
1 12410 Tantasqua Regional High School
1 2866 Doherty Memorial High
1 3840 Nashoba Regional High School
1 5142 Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science
1 6852 Pioneer Charter School of Science
1 7037 Mass Academy
1 7170 Milford High School
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