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Department ofComputer Science

Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Computer Science

WPI’s Advanced Graduate Certificate Program provides master’s degree recipients with an opportunity to continue their studies in advanced topics in the disciplines in which they hold their graduate degree. Students have the benefit of academic advising, without committing to a full graduate degree program.


The program consists of a set of five courses (minimum), none of which were included in the student’s formal master’s program of study. The courses may either include a breadth or a depth option, and may be customized to satisfy a student’s unique needs. The program of study is reviewed and approved by the student’s academic advisor. Upon completion of the required course work, students are awarded a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in their particular program of study.

Note: CS 525 (Special Topics in Computer Science) may be used to satisfy advanced certificate requirements. Some CS 525 topics appear below. Additional topics that satisfy certification program requirements may be offered. In addition, CS 598, Directed Research (or, where appropriate, ECE 598), can be used to satisfy requirements.

Advanced Computer Systems (joint with Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  • choose 5: 
    • Introduction to Local and Wide Area Networks (CS 513) 
    • Advanced Systems Architecture (CS 514/ECE 572) 
    • Special Topics: Computer Engineering (CS 525/ECE 579) 
    • Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Network and Computer Systems (CS 533/ECE 581) 
    • Advanced Topics in Operating Systems (CS 535) 
    • VLSI Design (ECE 566)

Artificial Intelligence

  • choose 5:
    • Artificial Intelligence (CS 534)
    • Knowledge-Based Systems (CS 538)
    • Machine Learning (CS 539)
    • Artificial Intelligence in Design (CS 540)
    • Digital Image Processing (CS 545/ECE 545)
    • Computer Vision (CS 549/RBE 549)
    • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (CS 548)
    • Graphical Models for Reasoning Under Uncertainty (CS 566)
    • Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive Educational Technology (CS 568)


An MS degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering is required for admission to the Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Computer Science.

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