WPI Computer Science Colloquium FAQ

Who is expected to attend?

Mostly CS faculty and graduate students, occasionally undergraduates. The colloquia are announced widely (and displayed on our department web page) so we often have visitors from other departments.

At what level should I pitch my talk?

The colloquium is a technical forum, and we expect technical content. It is hard to generalize beyond that. Most of the audience will not be experts in your field, and you need to consider introducing them to the point of view and terminology of the subject matter. Your host would be probably the most suitable source of information concerning tuning your presentation to the audience.

How long should I talk?

We have an hour slot for the colloquium. You should consider up to 45 minutes of presentation, leaving some time for initial settling---we provide refreshments---and questions at the end.

Following the talk you will typically be escorted to lunch by your host, usually on the campus. This can be an occasion for further Q & A, as other interested faculty and students are invited (up to 6 people). Your host can arrange for additional meetings before and after the talk, if there is mutual interest.

Will I be reimbursed for my expenses?

As rule, no. In special circumstances, with prior approval of the department Head, or from funds provided by the host, additional monies could be available.

Is there an honorarium?

Yes: except in certain cases (mainly, when the speaker is a member of the department faculty, or a faculty candidate), the department provides a modest honorarium ($200.-) and a lunch. Please provide your SSN to the Administrative Assistant (Christine Caron); it is needed to process the honorarium.

How do I get there?

The WPI location web page probably has pointers to all the arrival / directions / parking you may need. The CS department is located in the Fuller Laboratories building, in the north-east corner of the main campus.