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Laser Printers

The Computer Science Department maintains several Laser Printers for the use of Faculty, Staff, and students.

Undergraduates who are working in Labs that are allocated to particular courses should use the printer in, or associated with that Lab. As most machines are networked, the CCC printers can also be used.

High quality output for Faculty, Staff, and other Research and Teaching appointees is available at the printer designated ps1 which is located in the CS Main Office (FL 233).

Also located in the CS Main Office is a Color laserprinter, psc.

In addition to all the other resources, graduate students can use the Laser Printer designated ps2. This is located in room FL 142. Access requires a graduate level key.

In the Graduate Projects lab, contains another Postscript printer, ps3.

It is possible to send documents to these printers from any UNIX or NT machine in the department. UNIX users may send documents to these printers via the lpr -Pprinter command. For instance, lpr -Pps1 file.txt will send the file `file.txt' to the printer named `ps1'.

There are a number of UNIX printing programs available for your convenience:

If you'd like a certain printer to be your default UNIX printer, you can place the following in your ~/.login file: setenv PRINTER printer-name and then you will not need to specify a printer in lpr or dvips.

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