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About the STTG

The software tools technology group is open to all students and faculty. The purpose is to provide a place to discuss different software tools, techniques for building software tools, and bring people together to build software tools. The group will provide reviews and evaluations of tools, and make tools available to the wider WPI computing community.

While this is not a research group, in the strict sense, we hope to use the group to foster research projects, grant proposals, MQPs and other work that the group members find interesting.

Faculty Advisors

Meeting times

For 2005-2006, the group meets Mondays, from 4:00-5:00 in the Beckett Conference room on the second floor of Fuller Laboratories.

Joining the group

Anyone can join the group. There is a STTG mailing list that you can subscribe to. It is sttg@cs.wpi.edu.

Recent presentations

Recent presentations and other information about the group are located here.

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