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REFER is a research group in the Computer Science department at WPI. The members of REFER share interests in issues relevant to the design and analysis of personalized information systems that recommend items of potential interest to their users on the basis of descriptions of these items ("content") as well as social ("collaborative") information about the relations between different users' tastes.

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Mark Claypool
Dave Brown, Mark Claypool
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No meetings this semester.

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Mark Claypool, Phong Le, Makoto Waseda and David Brown, Implicit Interest Indicators, In Proceedings of ACM Intelligent User Interfaces Conference (IUI), Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 14-17, 2001.

Mark Claypool, Anuja Gokhale, Tim Miranda, Pavel Murnikov, Dmitry Netes and Matthew Sartin, Combining Content-Based and Collaborative Filters in an Online Newspaper, ACM SIGIR Workshop on Recommender Systems, Berkeley, CA, August 19, 1999.

Sharad Yogesh Bhojna, Michael Sao Pedro and Zak Zebrowski, Filtering Greeting Cards at Sparks.com, Major Qualifying Project MQP-MLC-SF00, Computer Science Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2000 (Advisor: Professor Mark Claypool. Sponsored by Sparks.com).

Anuja Gokhale, Improvements to Collaborative Filtering Algorithms, M.S. Thesis, Computer Science Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, May 1999 (Advisor: Professor Mark Claypool).

Anuja Gokhale and Mark Claypool, Thresholds for More Accurate Collaborative Filtering, IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 9-12, 1999.

Phong Le and Makoto Waseda, Curious Browsers, Major Qualifying Project MQP-DCB-9906, Computer Science Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2000 (Advisors: Professor Dave Brown and Professor Mark Claypool).

Tim Miranda, Pavel Murnikov, Dmitry Netes and Matthew Sartin, Collaborative Filtering of an Online Newspaper, Major Qualifying Project MQP-MLC-0002, Computer Science Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Spring 1999 (Advisors: Professor Mark Claypool and Professor Elke Rundensteiner).

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Inference Corporation  - http://www.inference.com
The k-Commerce product family leverages a company’s knowledge, integrating personalized, one-to-one, sales, service and support across the web and the contact center.
Engage  - http://www.engage.com
Engage's core product and services include; Engage AudienceNet, the first Web-wide profile driven advertising and marketing network, Engage Knowledge, a global database that currently contains more than 35 million anonymous consumer profiles.
BroadVision  - http://www.broadvision.com/
BroadVision is a supplier of Internet application solutions for one-to-one relationship management across the extended enterprise.
Net Perceptions  - http://www.netperceptions.com/
Offers search indexes based on user preferences and makes recommendations via collaborative filtering.
enonymous.com  - http://www.enonymous.com
Enonymous advisor is a privacy-driven consumer information tool that works with your browser, empowering you to control your personal data on the Internet, enhancing the privacy, convenience, and relevance of your Web experience.
E.piphany  - http://www.epiphany.com
The E.4 System is a suite of software products that collects and analyzes data from existing systems and third party data providers to profile customers' characteristics and preferences, and to establish, maintain and improve customer relationships across Internet and traditional sales, marketing and distribution channels.
LikeMinds, Inc.  - http://www.likeminds.com/
Offers collaborative filtering technology, an array of off-line and online products to make intelligent recommendations that add personalization to web sites and 1:1 marketing efforts.
PrivaSeek  - http://www.privaseek.com
PrivaSeek is an Infomediary, providing free privacy technology, called Persona, enables individuals to build personalized and permissioned relationships with businesses, protecting individuals identity, security and privacy.
Personify  - http://www.personify.com/
Personify Essentials, Personify Snapshot is E-marketing software that enables the identification of web-site visitors, creating marketing campaigns, and measuring results.
Lumeria  - http://www.lumeria.com
Lumeria is founded on the principle that the most valuable part of computing is your personal information. And that your information needs to be safe, well-guarded, and yet easy for you to access.
Dialogue Telescope  - http://www.cyberdialogue.com/
Provides Internet Database Marketing Solutions, in support of e-commerce.
Open Profiling Standard (OPS)  - http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-OPS-OverHTTP.html
Technical report from W3C.
Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1  - http://www.1to1.com/
Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 is a customer relationship management consulting firm, based upon the popular books The One To One Future, Enterprise One To One and The One To One Fieldbook by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers Ph.d.
ClickChoice  - http://www.clickchoice.com
ClickChoice is dedicated to increasing the relevancy of the Web by putting the you in control of your family's Internet experience. Requires dowload of ClickChoice myFilterTM.
Personalization Portal  - http://www.personalization.com
Source for news, information and analysis on all aspects of web personalization, edited by Christopher Locke and sponsored by Net.Perceptions and Steve Larsen.
Aptex Software - http://www.ehnc.com/
Using proprietary Content Mining technology, Aptex develops and markets intelligent solutions for online publishing, customer response, and educational publishing.
eHNC  - http://www.ehnc.com/
SelectCast and SelectResponse are predictive software tools enabling advertisers and e-commerce vendors to target prospective customers and personalize the customer experience.
WebGroove Relate Personalization Solution  - http://www.webgroove.com
Enables web sites to collect individual user profiles and make targeted recommendations from the first session.
Broadbase Software, Inc.  - http://www.broadbase.com/
Broadbase EPM: Analytic applications that integrate and analyze data from numerous points of customer interaction to improve customer profiling and segmentation, personalize content, analyze revenue by product line and channel, and identify cross-sell opportunities.
RightPoint Software Incorporated  - http://www.rightpoint.com/
Rightpoint Real-Time emarketing Suite for developing, targeting, executing and evaluating real-time 1:1 marketing campaigns for web sites and call centers, as well as fax, e-mail, IVR, ATM/kiosk and direct sales channels.
Autonomy  - http://www.autonomy.co.uk/media/
Knowledge Management and New Media Content Solutions
SuperProfile  - http://www.superprofile.com
Lumeria's new SuperProfile system enables consumers to own their own profile; to keep their consumer data private and use it for their benefit, convenience and profit.
Neuromedia, Inc.  - http://www.neuromedia.com/
Virtual Representative Servers and Tools
Blaze Software, Inc.  - http://www.blazesoft.com
Formerly Neuron Data, Blaze Software offers tools that enable Internet businesses to create rule-based customer relationship management systems.
Edify  - http://www.edify.com
Customer support products.
Open Sesame  - http://www.opensesame.com
Open Sesame Profiling Server uses dynamic and implicit profiling to enable personalized delivery of content and recommendations to e-customers based on their individual behavior.
DataSage  - http://www.datasage.com/
Netcustomer application analyzes large amounts of customer data gathered from online and offline marketing channels to enable individualized Internet marketing. Tracks customer behavior to individualize site content, banner ads, email and other direct communications.
Accelerating.com  - http://www.accelerating.com
Build loyalty into your e-business™. Measure the results of personalization. Partnered with Peppers and Rogers.
Younology  - http://www.younology.com/
OrbjectWare is profiling and personalization software designed to work with third party technologies, such as eCommerce software and add-on systems to enhance relationship management services including targeted ads, call centers and affinity rewards programs.
Metabyte, Inc.  - http://www.metabyte.com
An integrated marketing service that controls Internet advertising campaigns from ad and e-mail serving to targeting and performance tracking.
Gustos Software: Java Collaborative Filtering Software  - http://www.gustos.com
Free Java applets based on collaborative filtering for Web sites. Customize your Web site with user ratings and recommendations with Gustos Guide.
GuestTrack  - http://www.guesttrack.com
Personalize content using individual profile data to create personalized Web pages
TriVida  - http://www.trivida.com/
Adaptive Relationship Modeling is a subscription-based "networked personalization" service provider, TriVida personalizes single web sites or groups of sites, modeling visitors' interests and behaviors and recommending content or products in real time.
WebFalcon  - http://www.webfalcon.com/
Interactively targets information to web site visitors based on a visitor profile which is determined by their selections while navigating your web site.
Elity Systems  - http://www.elity.com/
Develops personalization software for e-commerce websites.
YellowBrix  - http://www.yellowbrix.com
YellowBrix uses personalization technology to customize pages to fit the interests of the user.
LogicSpan Home  - http://www.logicspan.com
LogicSpan assistances in creating customer loyalty and revenue through personalization and 1-to-1 marketing technology.
Manna Inc.  - http://mannainc.com
FrontMind is a suite of relationship management software tools for building applications that respond to customer interactions in real-time.
Future Strategy International  - http://www.futurestrategy.com
Enterprise InView is a strategic enterprise management tool that enables companies to create personalized websites for customers, partners and internal work teams. Provides secure, interactive team access to documents, performance data, project management details and strategic planning information.
EMATCHcorp.com - Visualization Server  - http://www.ematchcorp.com
EMATCHServer an enabling technology which allows for Intelligent E-commerce Visualization applications to be developed. Give your webusers a visual buying experience which they understand.
ACES Personalization Kit for MS IIS  - http://www.acesdev.com/download/index.shtml
Shareware beta implementation of authentication filter for MS Internet Information Server. The product supports complete flexibility of Apache-style configuration files stored in protected areas.
TIAN  - http://www.tiansoft.com
e-volving/asp is the first eService offering personalizing user-experiences based on behavior and intent over the Internet. User-experiences personalized by TIAN are dynamic, relevant, permissive and on-demand distributed in real-time.
Silver Bullet Media Server  - http://www.class-act.nl
The Silver Bullet Media Server is a collection of standardized components used for the organization, storage and distribution of knowledge, from individuals to individuals in- and outside the organization and accross media.
Dynamo  - http://www.atg.com/products/dps/
Dynamo Personalization Server combines information from marketing databases and user behavior to dynamically display personalized content. From Art Technology Group.

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