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  • M. Ward, An Adaptive Expert System for Image Segmentation, WPI Research Development Council, $5,000, (led to NSF funding), 1987
  • M. Ward, Image Segmentation using Domain Constraint Knowledge, NSF, $60,000, (first NSF grant in WPI CS Dept.), 1988
  • M. Ward and M. Gennert, Using Diverse Knowledge for Map Interpretation, WPI Research Development Council, $5,400, 1990
  • M. Ward, Development of a Visualization Laboratory, Sun Microsystems, $42,000, 1991
  • M. Ward, Supplemental grant for software purchase, NSF, $4,800, 1991
  • N. Hachem, M. Gennert, and M. Ward, Spatio-Temporal Database Management for Global Change Research, $315,000, 1991
  • N. Hachem, M. Gennert, and M. Ward, Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, NSF, $4,000, 1992
  • N. Hachem, M. Gennert, and M. Ward, Supplemental Grant for Equiment, NSF, $11,200, 1992
  • M. Ward and S. Politz, Visualization Techniques for Detecting High-Order Structural Similarities in Protein Sequences, WPI Applied Biotechnology Center, $3,600, 1993
  • C. Wills, M. Gennert, D. Finkel, and M. Ward, Community Learning in an Introductory Computer Science Course, WPI Davis Educational Foundation Grants, $20,900, 1993
  • M. Ward, 6 Deggree-of-Freedom Input Devices for Graphics Education and Research, Spacetec Corporation, donation of 7 Spaceballs valued at $15,000, 1994
  • C. Wills, R. Kinicki, D. Brown, D. Finkel, N. Hachem, and M. Ward, The Enhancement of Digital's Techology Exchange Program, Digital Equipment Corportation, $89,470, 1995
  • M. Ward, Visualization Data Explorer software grant, IBM, list price for 30 floating licenses is $220,000, cost to WPI was $15,000, 1995
  • J. Barnett, R. Fitzgerald, and M. Ward, L-Cruve and Barrier Evaluation Computer Program, Coast Gaurd, $207,265, 1996
  • J. Barnett and M. Ward, Real-Time Fire Prediction using Simulation Databases (resubmission), NSF, $151,343, 1996
  • C. Wills, D. Finkel, G. Heineman, R. Kinicki, and M. Ward, The Webware, Interfaces, and Networking Experimental Laboratory, NSF, $44,256, 1997
  • M. Ward, Visualization Tools for Data Mining, $25,000, Silicon Graphics, Inc. 1997
  • M. Ward, Suplement to Visualization Tools for Data Mining, Silicon Graphics, Inc., $7,000, 1997
  • M. O. Ward, E. A. Rundensteiner, and M. I. Cruz, CISE Research Instrumentation: Large Scale Data Management and Visualization, NSF, $68,000, 1998
  • M. O. Ward, graduate sumer internship arranged at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, project advised by S. Gibson (MERL) and M. Ward (WPI), $14,000, 1999
  • Contributed to WPI Internet 2 proposal entitled Advancing WPI's Networking Infrastructure for 21st Century Research and Education (T. J. Lynch, PI), $260,000, 1999

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