WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science Department

Gaea Graduate and Undergraduate Reports


S. Collins and K.D. Geoffroy, "Polymorphic Operators for the Scientific Analysis of Raster Based Bit Map Data", WPI Major Qualifying Project, May 1993.

E. Currin, "Visualizing Spatio-Temporal Data in a Global Change Research Project," WPI Major Qualifying Project, May 1993.

R. Dugan Jr., "Temporal Abstraction in Global Change Research." M.S. Thesis, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Aug. 1993.

N. Serrao, "Implementing a Derivation Semantics Manager for Gaea." WPI M.S. Thesis, Dec. 1993.

Y. Zhang, "A Visual Environment for Scientific Data Analysis." WPI Ph.D. Thesis, Jan. 1994.

A. Bansal, "Integration of distributed computing within a DBMS environment," WPI M.S. Thesis, expected completion Jan. 1994.

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