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AIRG Topics - Spring 1996


Our group meets on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.

C term in Fuller 246,
D term in Fuller 311


Dates and topics for this semester are as follows:

18 Jan 96
Organizational Meeting (Coordinator: Mike Gennert)
25 Jan 96
Lee Becker, "Internal Representation and Rule Development in Object-Oriented Design", by Jinwoo Kim, Javier Lerch, and Herbert A. Simon, ACM Trans. on Computer-Human Interaction, Dec 1995.
1 Feb
8 Feb
Mike Gennert, "Behaviorist intelligence and the scaling problem", by John K. Tsotsos, Univ. of Toronto, AI Jnl, 75, 1995.
15 Feb
=no mtg= Academic Advising Day
22 Feb
Dave Brown, "Using Explicit Ontologies in KBS Development", by van Heijst, Schreiber & Wielinga [part 1] [part 2 to follow later]
29 Feb
=no mtg=
7 Mar
=no mtg=
14 Mar
=no mtg=
21 Mar
Video, "Genetic Programming: The Movie", by John R. Koza & James P. Rice
28 Mar
=faculty candidate talk=
UPE -- Presentations from Inductees.
4 Apr
Dan Grecu, "Learning in Multi-Agent Systems"
11 Apr
Prof. Robert D. Logcher, Civil Eng. Dept., MIT
-- Testing a Federation Architecture in a Collaborative Design Process.
18 Apr
=no mtg=
25 Apr
Alex Schelkin, MS Thesis presentation.

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