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AIRG Topics - Fall 2000

Our group meets on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m., FL 246.

Dates and topics for this semester are as follows:

Sept 7
Organizational Meeting (Coordinator: Dave Brown)

Sept 14
Janet Burge, Reasoning With Design Rationale
(the `best presentation' award-winning AID'00 talk!)
-- An AIRG/AIDG production.

Sept 21
Lee Becker, A discussion of:
Bing Liu, Minqing Hu, and Wynne Hsu,
Intuitive Representation of Decision Trees Using General Rules and Exceptions,
Proc. AAAI-00
    {the paper is available in the AIRG mailbox in the CS main office}.

Sept 28
No meeting

Oct 5
Video: "Cooperative Agents: machine and Human",
Prof. Ruzena Bajcsy, Univ. of Pennsylvania (now at NSF).

Oct 12 -- Postponed until Dec 7th
Dave Brown
What's a `Function'? (a discussion)

Oct 19
No meeting

Oct 26 -- Postponed until Nov 9th
Selections from Video: Desires and Diversions, Allen Newell.

Nov 2
Mike Gennert
The Subsumption Architecture for Intelligent Machines.

Nov 9
Selections from Video: Desires and Diversions, Allen Newell.

Nov 16
Carolina Ruiz
Knowledge Discovery beyond Relational Databases

Nov 23
Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30 -- Postponed until C term
Mark Claypool,
"A Research Mega-Byte on on Information Filtering"

Dec 7
Dave Brown
What's a `Function'? (a discussion)

    Does a knife function when you're not holding it?
    Does a clock function if you arent looking at it?

    Knowing how to define and represent an artifact's function, so that it can be used during design or diagnostic reasoning, is an ongoing, interesting and difficult area of AI. We'll discuss some of the key ideas, and how the field has changed as new insights have been obtained.

Dec 14
No meeting

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