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AIRG Alumni

Everyone included either started/completed an AI related thesis or was an RA for an AI project.

Paul Leemans (2001)             Manager at KPMG CT in the Netherlands
Weiyang Lin (2000):             ??
Dan Grecu (2000):               At Charles River Analytics
Marton Balazs (2000):           Richmond University, UK
Shawn Nicholson (1999):         To Northwestern U for PhD. 
Ming He (1999 approx.)          ??
Cirrus Shakeri (1998):          Works at KTI. 
Alex Schelkin (1996):		??
Ilan Berker (1995):		Works for Microsoft. 
Pete Bastien (1995):		Now works at MIT's Lincoln Labs.
Bert Dunskus (1994):    	Back in Germany as a consultant.	
Jon Kemble (1994):      	Working (?) in Boston.
Jingwen Liu (1993):     	Finished PhD and now works in Newton.
Sundar Victor (1993):		Working at ODI on OO DB stuff; in WPI CS PhD program.
Chris Lowe (1993):      	Was at DEC until group sold. Now at Funk Software.
Kathy Urbanowicz:       	Still at Raytheon?
Cindy Heitzmann:         	Works at Electronic Book Technologies.
Jeff Choate (1992):     	Works at Xyplex.
Rob Douglas (1992):     	Works on Hubble support software. married.
Richard Wood (1991):		PhD from BU. married.
Shawna Liu (1991):		In San Francisco.		
Pradnya Patil (1991):    	Was at DEC, now at BGS Systems.
Mansig Kim (1991):       	Now has WPI Manufacturing PhD. Is at WPI. 
Ed Meehan (1990): 	  	At Stratus?	
Bill Sloan (1990):	  	In Boston again.		
Barbara Roberts (1990):     	Was at Mitre, and in WPI CS PhD program. Now in CA.
Maryann Spillane (1990):   	Was at DEC; then Buzzeo Inc. Now at Raytheon.
Alice Lin (1990):           	Still at DEC?
Ron Bartlett (1990):		At Denison University, OH, in MA sciences dept.
Ed Large (1989):            	PhD from Ohio State. Married. Now at U.Penn.
Rose (Horner) Chabot (1989): 	Was at DEC AltaVista. Now at BayNetworks.
Bob Breau:                  	Still at DEC?
Stephen Carney (1988):	    	??, last seen in Switzerland.	
Steph Bacon (1988):       	Was at ODI, now at "The e-content company"; father.
Luke Immes (1988):         	Was at MITRE. In WPI CS PhD program.
Teresa Chiang (1987):     	At IBM Global Services, Pittsburgh. Has sons, Alex & Alan. 
Doug Green (1986):        	Still St. Michaels College.
Amal Kassatly (1986):      	Left DEC for job in Newton, MA
Henry Teng (1986):        	Still at DEC?

Todd Guay (??):
Kamran Jazayeri (??):
Mark Roy (??):

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