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The COURT System

The COURT system was developed by Jon Kemble for his WPI CS MS thesis [Kemble 1994] as an Intelligent Interface for the TENNIS computer network ease of service evaluation project.

COURT uses a presentation description language to control the display of multi-attribute data. The language allows both the grouping, naming and association of the raw data provided. It also allows features to be attached to the data. COURT interprets and annotates the data, under control of the description language, and then displays the data using general presentation principles, expressed in a rule-base, guided by the annotations. The system is able to produce a credible version of Minard's `Napoleon's March' graphic [Tufte 1992].

The figures below are from the thesis, and show:


Selected Figures from the MS Thesis:



J. Kemble (1994) Display of multi-attribute data using a presentation description language. MS Thesis, Computer Science Dept., WPI, Worcester, MA 01609, 124 pp.

E. R. Tufte (1992) The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Graphics Press.

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