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AIDG Schedule
Spring Semester 1997

AIDG will meet at 3:30-5:00 on Thursdays in FL 141 to discuss the following topics:

Date     Leader	           Topic

23 Jan Dave Brown Organizational Meeting & status report. 30 Jan Dave Brown B. Netten's EADOCS system (reading). 6 Feb Cirrus Shakeri Discussion of G. Hazelrigg paper (reading). 13 Feb Dan Grecu Discussion of thesis proposal ideas. 20 Feb -- No Meeting: Academic Advising Day 27 Feb Marton Balazs Simplification by Analogy 6 Mar -- No Meeting: Last day of C term 13 Mar -- Spring Recess 20 Mar Dave Brown Organizational Meeting & status report. 27 Mar Kewai Lai Device Simplification (Reading by Lai & Wilson) 3 Apr -- Discussion of paper by A. Bernaras "Models of Design for the CommonKADS Library" 10 Apr -- Discussion continues. 17 Apr -- Discussion of McKay et al paper on Product Data. 24 Apr -- No meeting: Project Presentation Day 1 May Ming He Research Progress report. 8 May -- No meeting: Last day of D term

Possible topics for unscheduled dates include AIinD visitors (such as Dr. Lander), Conflicts in Design, CommonKADS model of Design, IEEE Expert AIinD survey papers, Agents + Product Data Models.

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