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Fall Semester 1998

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10 Sept Dave Brown Intro & Organizational Meeting, plus a dummy run of a talk I'll be giving on the 16th to a NASA workshop on Intelligent Agents and Their Potential for Future Design and Synthesis Environments. 17 Sept --no mtg-- 24 Sept -- Research progress reports, AIDG planning, and AI in D research planning. 1 Oct -- Discussion of paper "Multiple Perspectives of Design Objects" MacKellar & Peckham, AID'98. {Peckham is the CS Colloquium speaker on Oct 2nd} 8 Oct -- Discussion of paper "A-design: Theory and Implementation of an Adaptive Agent-Based Method of Conceptual Design" Campbell, Cagan & Kotovsky, AID'98 15 Oct -- Discussion of paper "An Architecture for Exploring Large Design Spaces" Josephson, Chandrasekaran et al, AAAI'98 22 Oct -- 11 am SL 105 Simeon J. Simoff, University of Sydney "Data Mining in Hypermedia Case Libraries" {a joint meeting with AIRG}. 2 pm FL 141 Cirrus Shakeri "Discovering Methodologies for Integrated Product Design" PhD defense rehearsal 29 Oct -- !!! Meeting Cancelled !!! Discussion of paper "Towards a knowledge Level Theory of Design Process" Smithers, AID'98 5 Nov -- Joe Gorman 'Perspectives' Understood through Automated Electrical Testing 12 Nov -- Dan Grecu "Flexible Learning in Multi-Agent Design Systems" Ph.D. progress report 19 Nov -- Janet Burge "Design Rational Capture and Use" 26 Nov --no mtg-- 3 Dec --no mtg-- 10 Dec -- AIRG/AIDG presentation at 11 am. Janet Burge "Knowledge Elicitation for Design Task Sequencing Knowledge" MS thesis presentation. 17 Dec --no mtg--

Note: Readings for meetings will be made available in advance at the AIDG meeting, in your mailbox, or in the AIDG mailbox in the CS department office.

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