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AIDG Schedule
Fall Semester 1997

AIDG will meet at 3:30-5:00 on Thursdays in FL 141.

Date	 Leader		 Topic

4 Sept Dave Brown Organizational Meeting. 11 Sept -- -- 18 Sept -- -- 25 Sept tbd Discussion of paper by Y. Reich, "The study of design research methodology". ASME Jnl. Mech. Design, 1995. 2 Oct -- -- 9 Oct -- -- 16 Oct tbd Meeting cancelled. 23 Oct tbd Discussion of paper by G. Goldschmidt, "The designer as a team of one". Design Studies 16, 1995. (best paper award) 30 Oct -- -- 6 Nov tbd Discussion of paper by S. Watt & Z. Zdrahal, "Multiple Agent Systems for Configuration Design". Proceedings of AISB'95, Sheffield, UK. 13 Nov tbd Discussion of paper by A. Teije et al, "Construction of problem-solving methods as parametric design" Tenth Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop, Nov.1996, Alberta. 20 Nov Dan Grecu Research progress report ** Also note AIRG/CS Colloq. by Bill Finch, MIT. 11 am, Salisbury 121, (paper available) and discussion mtg with him in FL 141 at 1:30-3:00. 27 Nov --no mtg-- 4 Dec Cirrus Shakeri Research progress report (Ph.D. Committee to attend) {5 Dec Dan Grecu Ph.D. Proposal Presentation, CS Colloq.} 11 Dec Marton Balazs Ph.D. Proposal Presentation (11 am) 18 Dec -- --

Note 1: Readings for meetings will be made available in advance in the AIDG mailbox in the CS department office.

Note 2: AIDG will not be meeting in the Spring.

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