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Methodology Discovery in Multidisciplinary Design


Cirrus Shakeri (ME) (cirrus@wpi.wpi.edu)
Ph.D. Thesis, co-advisors Prof. Brown (CS) & Prof. Noori (ME),
``Discovery of Design Methodologies for the Integration of Multi-disciplinary Design Problems''.
Completed December 1998.
Graduation (photo1) (photo2), May 1999.


This research addresses the problem of producing a design methodology for the design of engineered objects, where the design process requires the use of knowledge from multiple disciplines. A methodology dictates how to order and coordinate design tasks. In many cases such a methodology does not exist. The theoretical basis for methodology production in multidisciplinary design is weak and therefore there are many issues to be explored. The approach is to decompose the available multidisciplinary knowledge into appropriate pieces. The pieces are inserted into a computer program framework that will use each piece at an appropriate time while designing. The resulting trace is an instance of a methodology. These instances will be compared and abstracted into a general methodology. Robot design is selected as an initial test area of multidisciplinary design for this research.


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