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Implementation of COSINE


COSINE is the SiFA based wine glass designer built as part of this work to demonstrate the ideas presented in this thesis. This chapter explains some of the main features of the implementation of this system. The parameters of the design are explained in section 1.5 and shown in figure 1.2.

The cup radius parameter is the focus of all the demonstrations. The entities in the cup radius block and the associated agents are shown in figure 8.1. The points of view of the agents are shown in italics. Besides those shown here, COSINE also has selectors for all other parameters to allow the design of a whole wine glass.

Figure 8.1: Cup radius parameter block in COSINE

COSINE was developed using CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System) version 6.02 which is an expert system building tool. Detailed information about CLIPS is available in [Giarratano & Riley 93]. The development platform for COSINE was a DEC Alpha 3000.

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