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SiFA Negotiations

  This chapter describes the negotiation process by which conflicts between SiFAs can be resolved.

Before the actual negotiation can start, the system has to go through a few preliminary steps. These are indication of a possible conflict, detection of the conflict, selection of a negotiation strategy to use, and refinement of that strategy. Only then can the actual negotiation take place. The actual negotiation is simply the execution of the selected strategy. All of these steps put together is called the negotiation process. The result of the process is either a solution to the conflict or the signaling of a failure.

Some of the steps in the negotiation process are very trivial in the SiFA paradigm since the conflicts are very well defined and the number of different kinds of conflicts an agent can be in is very limited. It is important that the steps be simple as SiFAs have limited computational power.

All of the negotiation process steps are explained in the following sections.

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