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Critique/Praise Incompatibility

  Two kinds of conflicts are possible in this group.

One kind is when the targets of two critics or two praisers with different points of view have the same target. This situation, shown in figure 5.9, is very similar to incompatible evaluations. Both agents have to be the same type, so the conflict occurs between two critics or two praisers.

Figure 5.9: Incompatible suggestions for the same critique/praise entity

The other kind happens when there is an incompatibility between a criticism and a praise of the same entity. In this situation, shown in figure 5.10, the targets of the agents in conflict are different but the targets refer to the same entity. In other words, the criticism and the praise of an entity are not compatible. This conflict occurs between a critic and a praiser and can be initiated by either of them. The agents in conflict have to have targets in the same parameter block and also at the same level of reference, since the incompatible critic and praise refer to the same entity. This conflict is not meaningful across parameters.

Figure 5.10: Incompatible suggestions for the different critique/praise entities

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