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SiFASyB Project:
Knowledge Acquisition for SiFAs

Major Qualifying Project

Student: Mark Santesson

Advisor: David C. Brown

SiFAKA is a GUI-based structured editor for creating Single Function Agents (SiFAs) -- small expert systems that can be used to build knowledge-based systems. The SiFAKA system was written by Patricia Currier.

SiFASyB was written to extend the SiFAKA syatem.

This MQP focusses on turning the save files from SiFAKA into an executable SiFA system, so that different SiFAs can be easily implemented and compared.

System Diagram:

Data Flow Diagram of SiFASyB

The project has two main components. The Intermediate Language, the Clipsifier. There is a third component called "launch" which was added to enhance user-friendliness.

User's Guides are available for these three topics:

The slides from a presentation are also available, in three formats:

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