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A SiFA Knowledge Acquisition Tool


Patricia Currier, MQP, October 1995.


SiFAKA is a GUI-based tool to assist researchers in creating Single Function Agents during the building or extension of SiFA systems. Using SiFAKA, users can write agents with little or no knowledge of how the actual SiFA system runs, thereby saving the user the time and effort needed to learn a new programming language.

The current verion of SiFAKA will take method knowledge, (i.e., knowledge of how selections are made or how criticisms are done), conflict detection knowledge, and conflict resolution knowledge, and combine them to form a single agent. The agents will then be packaged together into a form that will run on COSINE. Later implementations of SiFAKA may allow for other types of knowledge and/or support for other SiFA systems (such as SINE).

Support has been written into SiFAKA for the four main classes of agents -- Selecter, Critic, Estimator and Evaluator -- with the flexibility to add new classes as they are needed. SiFAKA is being developed for the DEC Alpha, with the eventual goal of being ported to the PC.


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