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Design Simplification by Analogical Reasoning


Marton Balazs (mebalazs@cs.wpi.edu)
Ph.D. Dissertation: Completed January 2000.
Advisor: Dave Brown
External: Ashok Goel (Georgia Tech.)


A design can be considered as simpler than another for a variety of reasons. Simplification, as a consequence, can be done in a variety of ways. We are studying simplification by Analogy with stored simplifications. The designs are represented as Function, plus Behavior, plus Structure. Simplifications may occur at each of these levels, with consequences for the other levels of the representation. Experiments are being made with a prototype system that can simpify designs by analogy.


Marton E. Balazs & David C. Brown, "Function in Design Presentations", AID'96 Workshop on Functional Modelling in Design, (AID96-fnl-ws.ps).

Marton E. Balazs & David C. Brown, "A Preliminary Investigation of Design Simplification by Analogy", AI in Design Conf., AID'98, (AID98.ps).

Marton E. Balazs & David C. Brown, "Design Simplification by Analogical Reasoning", Knowledge Integrated CAD workshop 2000: KIC4, (KIC4.mkr.pdf).

Slides for PhD Defense, Wed 15th December 1999.

Ph.D. Dissertation

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