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A Critique is a short description of the key contributions and weaknesses of a paper, and why you think so. It might also relate it to another paper. I want your opinions and thoughts about what's interesting and notable about the paper, or what you found confusing (and why). A critique should be no more than one page long, and may be in bulleted form.

The Critiques need to point out both good and bad things about the paper. i.e., the strengths and weaknesses. I'm interested in your opinions as much as your knowledge. Also try to relate papers to your own experience.

Include technical information, in addition to the obvious more `syntactic' stuff about the clarity of writing, the structure of the paper, the description of related work, etc.

You must include technical criticism. Consider things like:

Standard forms of critiques are:

but these can be combined as appropriate.

I'm looking for informed opinion. But, in this case it is better to say something wrong, than to say nothing.

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