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1. Introduction

Course organization                     .       .               Dave      Why
What's Design?                          .       .               Dave
Brown, Encyc. article. (revised)	Read	Discuss         Dave      Why
Tong & Sriram book intro  		Read	Discuss         Dave      Why

2. Design Reasoning

Brown, Routineness Revisited.		.	Presentation 	Dave      Why
Chandrasekaran, AI Mag.			Read	Discuss                   Why

    Redesign & Iterative Redesign

Rutgers, REDESIGN			Read    Discuss                   Why
Dixon, Dominic				Read	Presentation 1	Angel     Why

3. Hierarchically Guided Refinement

Maher, Hi-Rise				.	Summary		Dave      Why
Rutgers, VEXED  			Read    Discuss                   Why
Brown, DSPL/AIR-CYL 			Read	Presentation 2	Raghu     Why
Mittal & Araya, PRIDE   		Read	Discuss                   Why

4. Configuration

McDermott, R1/XCON                      .	Pres1 Pres2 	Dave      Why
Frayman & Mittal, COSSACK		Read	Discuss                   Why
Birmingham, MICON/M1			Read	Presentation 3  Selim     Why
Wielinga, Configuration survey		Read	Discuss                   Why

5. Constraint Satisfaction/Posting

Mittal, Dynamic CSP			Read	Presentation 4  Daniel    Why
Bowen, constraint satisfaction		Read    Discuss                   Why
Stefik, MOLGEN				Read	Presentation 5	????      Why

6. Failure Handling/Conflict Resolution

Brown, FH				Read	Presentation 	Dave      Why
Marcus, VT  				Read	Discuss                   Why
M. Klein, conflict resolution		Read	Presentation 6  Rodica    Why

7. Agents & Negotiation

Sycara, negotiation			Read	Presentation 7	Anthony   Why
SiFAs                                   Read    Discuss                   Why
Lander, Agents survey 			Read    Discuss                   Why

8. Design by Modification/Adaptation

Campbell, Cagan & Kotovsky, A-Design	Read    Presentation 8	Michael   Why
Gero, prototypes			Read	Presentation 9  ????      Why
Maher, CBR in Design survey		Read	Discuss                   Why

9. CBR/Analogy

Navinchandra & Sycara, CADET 		.	Presentation 10 David     Why
Mostow, BOGART  			Read	Discuss                   Why
Goel, Kritik 1&2 (1997)                 Read    Discuss                   Why

10. Invention/Creativity

E.Kant, algorithm design		.	Presentation 11  ????     Why
Bhatta, Goel & Prabhakar, IDEAL         Read	Discuss                   Why
Thaler, Creativity Machine		Read	Discuss                   Why
Goel, Analogy & Creativity survey	Read	Discuss                   Why

11. Learning/Knowledge Compilation

Rutgers, LEAP                           Read	Discuss                   Why
Brown et al., Kn. Comp.                 .	Presentation	Dave      Why
Keller, redesign plans			Read	Presentation 12 ????      Why
Duffy, ML in Design survey		Read	Discuss                   Why

12. Functional Reasoning

Ulrich, fn. sharing.  			.       Presentation 13  ????     Why
Chandrasekaran & Josephson 2000         Read    Discuss  Notes            Why
Umeda, Functional reasoning survey	Read	Discuss                   Why

    Bio Inspired Design 

Goel et al. Four Cs & DANE 2012         Read    Presentation 14 ????      Why

13. Compilation/Decomposition 

Liu & Brown, problem decomp.		.	Presentation 15 Dave      Why


K.Brown, Grammars in Design survey	Read	Discuss                   Why
Campbell, Automated Synthesis           Read    Presentation 16 ????      Why

    Genetic Algorithms

Koza et al., genetic programming        Read	Discuss                   Why

This class not included this semester: 14. Assorted Burge, Design Rationale Read Presentation Dave Why Nayak, models Read Discuss Why Joskowicz, QR/Config Spaces . Presentation Dave Why Stahovich, AI in Design. Read Discuss Why


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