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A Special Issue on

AI in Design Applications

Significant interest has recently been generated in the application of artificial intelligence techniques in design tasks. This new interest, both in the academic and the industrial communities, has led to many developments over the last decade. A number of interesting projects are currently in progress in a wide variety of domains, ranging from intelligent computer aided control system design, to design of cars, aircraft and submarines.

Following these developments, it is planned to publish a special issue of the international journal Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, to be dedicated to AI techniques applied to design tasks. The special issue will be published October 1996.

Topics covered in the special issue may include, but are not limited to, the following:

             * Current state-of-the-art CAD systems
             * Enabling AI techniques for design tasks
             * Different AI techniques for different stages in design
             * Progress towards truly intelligent CAD systems
             * Applications in domains including:
                   control system design
                   design of submarines
                   design of buildings
                   design of aircraft
                   design of software

Authors are invited to submit application-oriented papers dealing with the various aspects of design, and how artificial intelligence techniques can help with these design tasks.

Send five copies of the complete manuscript, before 1st November 1995, to:

	Rob A. Vingerhoeds
	Delft University of Technology
	Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Informatics
	Julianalaan 132
	2628 BL Delft
	The Netherlands

	Tel. +31-15-78.46.98
	Fax. +31-15-78.71.41
	Email: rob@kgs.twi.tudelft.nl

Detail instructions for authors are available from the above address, or from:

Editorial Office, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Institution for Industrial Information Technology Ltd.
Innovation Centre, Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PP, United Kingdom
e-mail: cep.journal@swansea.ac.uk
fax. +44-1792-29.58.11
Instructions for authors are also to be found on the inside back over of any issue of Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.


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