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The Process for Handling WPI CS MS Thesis Proposals

All MS Thesis proposals are presented at a CS Department faculty meeting before approval. In order for this to happen, MS students must send an electronic copy of the thesis proposal to the Graduate Administrative Coordinator (rcane@wpi.edu) at least one week prior to the department meeting in which it will be presented.

The Graduate Administrative Coordinator will distribute the electronic copy to department faculty as well as arrange for hard copies to be placed in faculty mailboxes. The electronic copy will also be attached to the department meeting agenda for that meeting.

Discussion about the proposal by the faculty, in particular serious objections to any aspects of the proposed thesis work, should ideally be discussed before the faculty meeting, possibly via email.

During the faculty meeting, the thesis advisor (or a designated faculty representative) will very briefly review the main idea of the proposed thesis (in approximately two minutes). A discussion of the proposal will follow if any questions about it remain.

The department head will then ask for volunteers to act as Reader, and will select one.


  1. If there is a strong preference for making (or not making) one faculty member the reader of a particular thesis, the thesis advisor can make this known to the department before the faculty meeting.
  2. The department's convention is to keep MS Thesis proposals to no more than 5 pages.
  3. Once the proposal has been accepted and a reader selected, the departmental staff will place the thesis proposal into the student's file, after recording the thesis reader on the front cover of the proposal. The student is encouraged to leave a blank line on the cover page so that the name of the reader can be added there.
  4. Upon presentation of the proposal, the thesis advisor becomes the student's Computer Science academic advisor. The departmental staff will update the records of the student to reflect the change in advisor.

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