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How to Make and Register Home Pages

Anyone with an account on the machine CS.WPI.EDU can have their home page registered.

You must create a directory called ~/public_html containing a file called index.html. This file is the root of your web tree. Be sure that the ~/public_html directory is publicly executable and readable, and that all the files you reference (expecially index.html) are publicly readable. Also, your home directory itself must be publicly executable so that the webserver can find your pages.

An example: If a person with the username jrandom had a new CS account and wanted a web page, jrandom would:

The user jrandom would then use a web browser to look at http://www.cs.wpi.edu/~jrandom/ to make sure the page appears correctly.

Once you have created your homepage and verified that it works, send email to webmaster@cs.wpi.edu with the URL of your homepage if you would like to be listed on http://www.cs.wpi.edu/People/grads.html

For some clear, introductory information on creating pages, please see the W3.ORG's page "Getting Started with HTML" which is listed in w3.org's list of tutorials. Html style is the focus of the W3C Style Guide. The Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual provides comprehensive and slightly more advanced guidance.

Finally, please check all of you links and verify that you conform to global conventions, such as the use of the <ADDRESS> tag, and local conventions, such as use of the WPI icon to link to the WPI home page, and the CS icon to link to the WPI CS home page. Please view the WPI World Wide Web Policies pages for an explicit description of policies not mentioned here.

Any Web pages in a local public_html directory may be opened by going to your File pull-down menu, selecting Open URL (or by clicking on the Open button if using a graphical interface), and typing:


Click on the Open button to call up the page, and Dismiss the box when the user's page has been opened.

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