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Documentation Template

Author:				author's name
Date:				date
Version:			which version
Project ID:			number or name of project
CS Class:			CS xxxx
Programming Language:		C or Scheme or Java or ...
OS/Hardware dependencies:	how does the program rely on the operating system,
				   or on the hardware?

Problem Description:		a statement of the requirements

Overall Design:			main design decisions about the program
	System structure	
	Data representation	

Program Assumptions 
      and Restrictions:		what needs to be true for the program to work

Interfaces:			how the program interacts with users, data or programs

Implementation Details:
	Data			implementation details of data representation
	Variables		key variables and their scopes
	Algorithm		implementation details of algorithm(s) used

How to build the program:	the command line or the makefile

Program Source:			listing of the source code

Additional Files:		names of other files used

Results:			listing of sample run(s) of the program

Test Procedures:		how the program was tested
Test Data:			test cases

Performance Evaluation:		how well the program performs
	User Interface

References:			books, papers, people, web, ...

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