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IBM's Watson Technology


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IBM, Watson Technology Senior Architect



IBM's Watson captured the imagination of over 34 million viewers when it beat the all time champions of the US game show, Jeopardy!.  To do so, it navigated the complexities of human speech, churned through 200 million pages of unstructured data in less than 3 seconds, and delivered a confidence based response, all while learning and getting smarter with each outcome.  But as impressive as this accomplishment was, it was only the beginning.  IBM is working with leading organizations across industries to put Watson to work.  Watson represents one of the world's first steps into Cognitive Systems, a new era of computing. Join Rob Yates, Senior Architect, IBM Watson Core Technology team in an engaging discussion of how IBM Watson can fundamentally transform the way businesses and individuals make decisions and how next generation systems will be designed.


Rob Yates earned a BA and Masters Degrees from Cambridge University in '92 and '93.  He has twenty years experience as a software engineer for Lotus Development Corporation and IBM during the majority of his career.  He has led many large software engineering products involving different platform technologies.  Rob is currently the Senior Architect responsible for Watson Core Technology Run Time, Performance, Tooling and User Interface.  Among Rob's specialties are systems performance, software as a service, collaboration application software, J2EE and more recently Natural Language Process and Machine Learning.


Host: Prof. Craig Wills  

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