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"Safety, Security, and Sustainability in a Cyber-Physical Society"

Ayan Banerjee
School of Computing Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering
Arizona State University

Friday, November 1, 2013

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Fuller Labs 320


Healthcare and information technology are two of the most important aspects of the modern society. With the advent of non-invasive accurate sensing technology and faster processors, increasingly smart,effective, and energy efficient solutions in these domains are using resources from the environment. For example, artificial pancreas is proposed to infuse insulin based on blood sugar level of the individual, IT infrastructures are being powered using energy harvested from the sun. Hence, mission criticalin frastructures in our society are increasingly having a cyber-physical operation, i.e. they exhibit close interaction of the computing software with the environment using sensors and actuators. In the light of such cyber-physicality, assuring safety, security and sustainability, the basic properties of a successful technology, incurs several challenges. This talk focuses on some of the unique challenges faced in designing safe, secure and sustainable healthcare and IT infrastructure in the modern cyber-physical world. Often, the key to an effective solution is hidden in unique characteristics of the environment, while in other scenarios the environment poses as a hindrance to an efficient design. In some of the exemplar topics, we will discuss mathematical modeling to accurately characterize interaction between computing infrastructure and its environment for safety assurance of medical device software, optimization of interaction to obtain energy efficient sustainable solutions for data centers, and techniques to utilize the randomness in the environment for designing security protocols in body sensor networks.


Ayan Banerjee received his PhD in computer science from Arizona State University in 2012 and currently works as a Post Doctoral fellow at IMPACT Lab in the school of computing, informatics, and decision systems engineering at ASU. His research focuses on assuring safety, security, and sustainability (long term operation) of mission critical infrastructure in several domains including pervasive healthcare systems and cloud computing infrastructure, with emphasis on formal modeling, theoretical analysis and simulation, and proving safety guarantees on software.

Host:  Professor Krishna Venkatasubramanian

Refreshments will be served.