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The In-Database Miner's Toolkit - Oracle SQL and Data Mining APIs

 Ramkumar Krishnan
 Oracle Server Technologies

One Oracle Drive, Nashua, NH

The computing industry in 2007 has seen a spate of BI acquisitions

by Oracle, SAP. Much of what the industry terms as BI is oriented

towards retrospective intelligence - it tells you "what was", "what is",

and in niche areas like forecasting or performance management,

"what-if". As the playing field is leveled in this space, companies that complement their efforts at retrospective intelligence with predictive analytics - answering "what could be", "what may be", with automated insight ("did you know this obscure fact about your customers ?")

will have an edge on the competition. Companies aside, at a personal level, if you applied for a credit card or a home loan, you have been touched by this technology.

Oracle Data Mining is a comprehensive In-Database platform for data mining and predictive analytics. This 45 minute talk is a brief, customer- centric introduction to the use of product. The motivation of the talk is to first pique your interest on predictive technologies, and based on the interest level, motivate follow-ups for exploring cross-functional uses of this technology internal to the Database - esp in mission-critical areas like performance, manageability, advisory tools, and unstructured data.


Ramkumar (Ram) Krishnan is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Server Technologies, and presently a lead engineer in the Oracle Data Mining product R&D team, based in Burlington, MA. Over his 13 years at Oracle, he has worked in database features in the areas of data mining, partitioned index-organized tables, large objects, extensibility, Oracle Spatial, Oracle Intermedia. Prior to Oracle, he served at Digital Equipment in their Rdb Division, and at Wipro Infotech, Mumbai, India. Ram has a Master's in Computer Science Engineering from UTexas Arlington, and undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering from University of Pune, and in Applied Sciences from University of Madras.

Host: Murali Mani

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